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Airport Advertising
Advertising opportunities are available at Sir Gaetan Duval Airport for businesses of different types and sizes.  Companies will appreciate the fact that the airport, being the main entry point into Rodrigues, stands as a strategic point for advertising products and services by targeting the cal market and visitors. Airport Advertising is therefore a powerful tool that gives an edge to businesses with an innovative approach in this ever-growing competitive market.  Airport of Rodrigues Ltd has developed a variety of airport advertising structure which shall suit the requirements of a wide range of businesses as indicated in the table below.   

Option 1
The advertising area is enclosed in an aluminium frame of size 1 m 40 x 1 m. The advertising medium shall be in the form of a waterproof non-glossy self-adhesive vinyl sticker of effective size 138.4 cm x 98.4 cm with the visible size being 134 cm x 94 cm.

Option 2
The advertising structure is made of wooden materials and wrapped around a concrete column. Eight (8) backlit A3-Size advertising areas are available. The advertising medium shall be of an effective size (height: 110cm) x (Width: 70cm) with the visible artwork size being (height: 108cm x Width: 68cm). The advertising structure also has two dedicated areas of size (height: 30cm) x (Width: 68cm) x (Depth: 15cm) for brochures/pamphlets/advertising flyers.

Option 3
ARL has developed several options in terms of sizes and locations for brochures/pamphlets/advertising flyers. ARL has ensured that strategic locations are earmarked for such advertising media, before immigration counters and by the baggage carousel. Please contact the ARL Office for more information.

Option 4
Please refer to Options 2 & 3.

Option 5, 6 & 7
The Stainless Steel Advertising Structures are located in the Public Concourse at the exit of the Arrival Hall. All three structures are visible to airport visitors and passengers. The advertising medium shall be a waterproof/UV proof self-adhesive vinyl sticker of sizes as indicated in the table above.

Option 8
The area at the back of each Baggage Trolley has been earmarked as an advertising area. The Advertising Medium shall be in the form of a waterproof/UV proof self-adhesive vinyl sticker of a maximum size of (Width) 52cm x (Height) 42.5cm. The front area of the baggage trolley is also offered as an advertising space. The available size is slightly larger than the back area.

Advertising Contract
An Advertising Agreement shall be signed between ARL and the Advertiser. ARL does not have any restriction on the number of times that the advertising may be changed during the period of the agreement. The Finance & Administration Manager may be contacted for any further information including advertising media, sizes, prices and other terms & conditions:

Tel: +230 832 7888
Email: info@airportofrodrigues.com