Our Partners

Operational Partners of ARL 
Airport of Rodrigues Ltd, as the Owner and Licensed Aerodrome Operator for Sir Gaetan Duval Airport has various operational partners, whose contribution is essential to ensure that operational tasks and services are carried and provided to the required standards. The airport is a multi-disciplinary environment and the different ARL Operational Partners have specific input in accordance to their respective field of responsibility and/or authority. Operational partners have a specific legal framework to implement their tasks. The quintessential element for the success of airport operations is the close collaboration and partnership between all partners. 

Rodrigues Regional Assembly - RRA
The RRA has departments emanating from different commissions and which have specific responsibilities within the airport environment: 

• Commission for Civil Aviation (Administration);
• Commission for Health & Quality of Life – Health and Sanitary Services;
• Commission for Agriculture – Quarantine Services; 

Contact:  +230 831 2059 (Central Administration PABX)

Department of Civil Aviation - DCA 
DCA has Regulatory Functions within the aviation framework amongst other responsibilities. Different audits are conducted yearly by the DCA to ensure compliance with required standards. The DCA is also the instance providing air traffic services and delivering airport access permits. 

Mauritius Police Force - MPF 
The Mauritius Police Force (MPF) has a strong presence at the airport through several departments. The Police are an essential partner as far as security is concerned at the airport. Some of the departments of the Mauritius Police Force are listed below: 

• Airport Police;
• Passport & Immigration Office;
• Anti Drug Smuggling Unit (ADSU);
• Police Dog Unit;
• National Coast Guard (NCG);

Contact: +230 831 1536 (Police Operations Room) 

Air Mauritius
Air Mauritius is the only airline serving Rodrigues. Air Mauritius may be contacted at their offices for more information on all services that they provide. 

Contacts: +230 832 7700 (Airport Office), +230 8311632/8311558 (Port Mathurin Office) 

AEL DDS LTD is the company managing the Jet-A1 Fuel Depot at SGDA. The company is responsible for refueling all aircrafts upon request and in accordance with prevailing procedures. Refueling is done via a small tanker. 

Contact: +230 875 8300 

Mauritius Revenue Authority - MRA 
The Customs & Excise Department (Mauritius Revenue Authority) has representatives at the airport in both the departure and arrival areas. Information relative to the areas of responsibilities of the Customs & Excise Department may be obtained by either contacting their office at the airport or at Port Mathurin. 

Contacts: +230 832 7661 (Airport Office), +230 832 0261 (Port Mathurin Office)